Rio Tinto Traineeships

Rio Tinto is today’s world’s leading supplier of iron ore pellets, iron ore and iron ore concentrates, as well as a top producer of high quality pig iron. The company is not only involved in the mining process of extracting the iron ore from the Earth’s surface, but they are also involved in sourcing and processing the iron ore in order to supply their products to today’s global steel market. Working at Rio Tinto can definitely be a long lasting career as their business has a long-life, large and low cost operations and they aim to deliver high quality products without compromising the safety and health of their employees.

A Short Introduction on Rio Tinto

Iron ore is one of the most basic commodities and since many industries make use of steel, it is one of the most used metals around the globe. From bridges to ships, skyscrapers, railways, cars, to even paper clips, iron is definitely one of the major contributing factors to our developing modern world.

Since this is the case, Rio Tinto’s Iron Ore group in Australia, has committed itself in offering traineeships and apprenticeship programs for future employment. The company’s current operations team comprises of not only regular employees, but a generous number of trainees and apprentices as well.

The traineeship program of Rio Tinto includes metal fabrication, mechanical fitting, automotive, electrical, information technology, drafting, and business administration, to name a few. If you are considering applying for the program, make sure that you have the motivation, enthusiasm and you are able to demonstrate interest in your chosen field, for you to have a chance of being accepted. Another requirement of the company are passing grades in secondary education, as well as fitness requirements and check-ups proving that you are fit to work on a mine site.

Although the requirements may vary from one country to the other, as Rio Tinto is a global company, applicants will increase their chances of being accepted if they are able to show their devotion in their chosen field. Since mining apprenticeships and traineeships are usually advertised in newspapers and internally on a regular basis, being updated will no longer be a problem.

How About Rio Tinto Traineeships?

Aside from a focused apprentice training program, Rio Tinto also committed itself in traineeships, in order to provide a skilled workforce for the industry in the future. They even encourage receiving applications from the indigenous members of the community, so that they too may be trained to work in the mines.

Rio Tinto’s Pilbara Operations provide vast opportunities for their trainees, especially when it comes to exposure on the kinds of jobs they will be facing in the near future, as well as developing skills for easier adjustment from one department to the other.

So as long as you have an interest in pursuing a career at the mines, and you are enthusiastic and motivated enough to push yourself in succeeding, then you may want to consider applying for Rio Tinto traineeships.